Climate change, vulnerability and adaptation for south west Western Australia from 1970 to 2006

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Luke Morgan, Senior Policy Officer at the Western Australian Department of Agriculture and Food, writes, 'Awareness and adaptation to climate change during the past 30 years has been emerging, with most sectors only responding in the last five to 10 years. Most past responses focused on mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, but as the inevitability of climate change becomes clearer and world-wide attention shifts to adaptation, so too SWWA's sectors are considering how to adapt.' Morgan suggests, 'The challenge for the future is to better understand what influences peoples' decision making and to encourage them to change their behaviour based on new beliefs about climate change. There is a need to bring science and the wider community together, and provide opportunities for people to understand the consequences of different actions, to question their assumptions, conclusions and beliefs, and encourage them to consider different perspectives.'

Prepared by Luke Morgan, Jo Anne Molin, Ross George, Richard McKellar and Janet Conte

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