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Collaboration: six mistakes to avoid

19 Aug 2014

‘Collaboration’, broadly defined as two or more organisations working together in partnership, continues to be a hot topic in our sector.

The SVA Consulting Quarterly article in issue 6, Getting our act together explored some of the reasons for collaborating and the overall challenges faced by organisations embarking on the journey. Be it to increase impact, improve funding or reduce costs, many organisations are looking for opportunities to collaborate.

Much of SVA Consulting’s recent work has focused on helping organisations explore how collaboration could contribute to their strategy; some have been extremely successful, while others have struggled to overcome significant hurdles. This experience has revealed some of the common mistakes made by organisations when trying to collaborate.

This article shares some lessons to assist organisations collaborating together in social ventures.

Key points:

  • Make sure you understand what you hope to achieve, and how collaboration will help you reach your goals.
  • Consider the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the collaboration – how you will actually work together to achieve those goals.
  • Don’t rush the process; give it the necessary resources and time; confront the difficult conversations early and bring your people on the journey.
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