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Briefing paper

Federal budget 2014-15 fact sheet 2: work for the dole

21 Aug 2014

Under Federal Government budget proposals there will be a mass mobilisation of Australia’s jobseekers into Work for the Dole schemes. This is being called an ‘expanded Work for the Dole’.

How is this Work for the Dole different from previous versions of Work for the Dole?

For the first time Work for the Dole includes older jobseekers (up to the age of 50).

Previous versions of Work for the Dole had young people working on community projects.

Community projects can still happen but this expanded Work for the Dole will have a greater emphasis on putting people in individual work placements. The Government has said that the individual placements have to be with local councils, not-for profit organisations (including schools) and federal and state government agencies.

TasCOSS estimates that approximately 8441 Work for the Dole placements will need to be found for Tasmanians aged 18 to 2911 and approximately 8635 for Tasmanians aged 30 to 49 in the next four years 12.

This means that a total of 17,076 placements will need to be found for Tasmanians who are required to participate.

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