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Journal article

Dark chapters in Australian history: adopted children from the Stolen Generations

19 Aug 2014

This article argues that it is imperative that psychologists working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today have a deep understanding of the impact of the traumatic history of the Stolen Generations.


The ‘Stolen Generations’ refers to Aboriginal children who were forcibly removed from their families under the laws and policies of Australian Federal and State Governments during a large part of the 20th Century. The term was coined following the release of the 1997 landmark report, Bringing Them Home, which analysed the impact of the laws, policies and practices of the forcible removal of Aboriginal children from their families for nearly a century of relatively recent Australian history. The report came as one of the results of the Australian Human Rights and Equality Commission’s National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from their Families, which systematically investigated these shameful past practices, including through the testimonies of a large number of witnesses.

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