Long-term trends in youth justice supervision: 2012-13

26 Aug 2014

This fact sheet summarises the long-term trends in rates of young people under supervision. It includes 7-year national trends and up to 13-year trends for individual states and territories.

National trends

Nationally, between 2006–07 and 2012–13 the rate of young people under supervision aged 10–17 remained relatively stable overall at about 24 young people per 10,000 on an average day, and about 49 during the year. During this time, the rate of young people under supervision fluctuated—on an average day peaking in 2010–11 at 27.6 per 10,000, before declining to 23.8 in 2012–13.

This trend appears to have been largely associated with changes in the rate of community-based supervision, where 85% of all young people under supervision are supervised in the community on an average day. The rate of community-based supervision followed a similar pattern to the all supervision rates—that is, remaining stable overall—but since 2010–11 the rate declined from a peak of 24.0 to 20.3 per 10,000.

The rate of young people aged 10–17 in detention remained relatively stable overall at 3.4 per 10,000, despite fluctuating slightly from year to year.

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