Australian environmental water management: 2014 review

Environment Water Australia

Assesses ongoing performance in achieving the National Water Initiative’s integrated environmental water management outcomes.

Executive summary

The Australian environmental water management review 2014 (this report) is the third in a series of reports prepared by the National Water Commission (the Commission) aimed at promoting improved practice in the management of environmental water in Australia. This report is an assessment of ongoing performance in achieving the integrated environmental water management outcomes of the National Water Initiative (NWI).

The first report in this series, the Australian environmental water management report 2010, provided a consolidated directory of environmental water management arrangements in each jurisdiction. Building on this baseline report, the Australian environmental water management: review 2012 assessed the adequacy of environmental water management practices in each jurisdiction under the elements of planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting, evaluation and improvement, and governance.

This report reviews progress made in each jurisdiction since the 2012 report – under the same five elements – using a desktop analysis of publicly available information to January 2014. It also includes case studies that provide examples of good practice, such as establishing targeted monitoring programs and improving confidence in the ecological objectives of environmental water provisions (commonly identified as needing further improvement).

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