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15 Oct 2017

The vision of the Ministry of Social Development is to help New Zealanders to help themselves to be safe, strong and independent. But many beneficiaries are taking to social media to talk about its lack of humanity.


12 Feb 2017

This investigative radio documentary asks what is being done to clean up New Zealand's lakes and rivers and it is being done fast enough?

Water quality is tipped to become a big issue in the lead up to this year's general election.


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3 May 2015

Alcohol damage to unborn children has been described as one of New Zealand's biggest preventable health problems but it appears nobody knows the size of the problem or is actively trying to find out.

Eighteen months ago, the New Zealand government committed itself to...


28 Sep 2014

In just over a week, Fiji’s parliament will sit for the first time since the military takeover in 2006.

Insight has been investigating what legacy nearly a decade of military rule has left behind and what challenges lie ahead.


24 Aug 2014

Education, health and the economy are the three big issues in any election.

But how well do the political parties' policies address the key problems in those sectors, and how effective will they be in resolving disparities between the haves and the have-nots?...

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