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Value of building work put in place: June 2014 quarter

3 Sep 2014

Introduction: Building activity volume showed a small increase in the June 2014 quarter, according to this report.

Key facts

For the June 2014 quarter, after price changes and seasonal variations are removed:

  • Residential building activity was unchanged. 
  • Non-residential building activity rose 2.5 percent. 
  • All building activity rose 1.0 percent. 

The non-residential buildings volume trend is now 19 percent higher than the most recent low point in the September 2013 quarter, and is just 1.3 percent lower than the series high eight years ago in the March 2006 quarter. 

Growth continues in the residential building volume trend; however, it is still 7.0 percent lower than the series high in the June 2004 quarter. 

The all buildings volume trend has been generally rising for 11 quarters, and is now just 0.7 percent lower than the series high in the June 2005 quarter.



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