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Working paper

30 Apr 2016

For many years independence has been the catch-cry of policy-makers, regulators and legislators concerned with the corporate governance of listed companies. In Australia, drawing on this model, there has been an increased focus on independence in the context of superannuation fund governance arrangements. As the...

Working paper

30 Mar 2016

The failure of the Federal government’s Superannuation Legislation Amendment (Trustee Governance) Bill 2015 to pass through the Senate in November 2015 means that the political spotlight has for the time being shifted away from the issue of independence on superannuation fund boards. This creates a...

Journal article

25 Aug 2014

This article proffers an alternative system for handling complaints about the judiciary, tailored to fit within Australia's constitutional constraints whilst promoting the institutional integrity of the judiciary.


Judges are human. It is their humanity that allows them to pass judgement on...

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