Waste avoidance and reuse strategies for residential buildings in Australia

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The Beyond Waste Fund is an initiative managed by Sustainability Victoria to help businesses avoid waste sent to landfill. The fund supports innovations that focus on waste avoidance, reduction and reuse, leading to improved resource management, and better environmental outcomes.

As part of the Beyond Waste Fund, a partnership between Burbank Australia, the Housing Industry Association (HIA), and the Centre for Design at RMIT University was established to conduct a research study aiming at reducing the waste generated in the construction phase of building by the volume residential building sector in Australia. The major steps in this project were to:

1.    Establish a waste audit methodology

2.    Undertake and assess an initial waste audit on a typical volume-built house

3.    Develop waste avoidance strategies

4.    Assess the efficacy of waste avoidance strategies by undertaking a final waste audit on a typical volume build-house, which utilises the identified strategies.

This report presents the final outcomes of this study, outlining the goal and scope of the study, the waste audit methodology and initial audit results, waste avoidance strategies, final audit results and an assessment on the efficacy and implementation of waste avoidance strategies.

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