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Briefing paper

5 Mar 2019

Proposed changes to Australia’s export credit agency, Efic, pose serious financial, environmental and diplomatic risks. They should not be rushed through and must be subject to close scrutiny, writes Tom Swann.

Discussion paper

12 Dec 2018

The Queensland Labor government has offered Adani a “beneficial” royalty deal that would loan hundreds of millions, on subsidised terms it is keeping secret, under a “transparent policy framework” that was a few dot points at the end of a press release.


21 Nov 2018

This year's annual ‘Go Home On Time Day’ report estimates that Australian employees will work 3.2 billion hours of unpaid overtime for their employers this year, worth an estimated $106 billion in foregone wages.


21 Nov 2018

This special report looks at the use of digital surveillance and monitoring in Australian workplaces. 70% of respondents said their employers use at least one form of digital surveillance or monitoring, including cameras, GPS tracking, monitoring internet or social media activity or counting keystrokes, to...

Briefing paper

15 Nov 2018

New evidence shows the Scott Morrison’s $260 million payment to NT was not a longstanding policy. Attempts to get to the bottom of things using Freedom of Information have been blocked.

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