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The aim of Counties Manuaku District Health Board (CMDHB) 20,000 Days Campaign was to give back to the community 20,000 healthy and well days to avoid predicted growth in hospital bed days. After tracking the difference between projected demand and actual use, at the end of the Campaign on 1st July 2013, CMDHB reported that 23,060 bed days were given back to the people of Counties Manukau.

This evaluation report explains how using the Institute of Healthcare Improvement Breakthrough Series the Campaign was run with the expectation that small immediate changes to practical problems (in this case the work of 13 Collaborative teams), will accumulate into large effects (a reduction of 20,000 bed days against predicted bed days use by July 2013). The evaluation found the Campaign did save bed days, though attributing causality was always going to be difficult, and overall the Campaign was very successful in keeping the energy and motivation of participants.

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