Movember: changing a complex system collaboratively

1 Oct 2014

This story, of Movember’s evolution from a fundraising organisation to one that is changing the trajectory of men’s health, speaks to what can be achieved if you strategically harness the collective wisdom of diverse stakeholders, develop a shared perspective and galvanise those disparate players to collaborate.

Movember raises funds for men’s health: primarily prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health. A lot of funds. In only 10 years it has grown its annual fundraising to $130 million (internationally).

Observing gaps in the care of men diagnosed and living with prostate cancer, the team at Movember decided they wanted to do more.

The prostate cancer field is complex, and stakeholders’ perspectives differ widely. So how has Movember managed to develop a shared perspective amongst stakeholders, a national registry to gather and share data, and a collective redesign of the system which supports people living with prostate cancer? With a clear strategy and a lot of persistence and patience is one answer. This article tells the story and highlights some of the insights and learnings.

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