This is the publicly available version of the classified Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Annual Report, which provides insight into ASIO’s outcomes and activities.


The ASIO Report to Parliament 2013-2014 is a publicly available version of the classified ASIO Annual Report, and provides insight into ASIO’s outcomes and activities.

ASIO is the only member of the Australian Intelligence Community to publically release such a report.

During the 2013-2014 reporting period, ASIO:

  • initiated and continued security investigations into terrorism, espionage, foreign interference, communal violence and border integrity threats
  • issued adverse security assessments in relation to 45 passports (compared to 18 in 2012–13)
  • completed the following security assessments:
    • 27 149 visa security assessments
    • 159 288 counter-terrorism security assessments
    • 23 522 personnel security assessments
  • provided assistance and advice in relation to over 50 litigation matters
  • increased the security awareness of the private sector through briefings, publicly accessible reports and bilateral meetings
  • implemented an internal framework for current and former public officials to make a public interest disclosure regarding ASIO, consistent with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013
  • reviewed proposed draft legislation and subordinate rules and regulations to ensure a smooth transition from the previous accountability regime (under the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997) to the new regime under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability legislation
  • completed 532 requests for ASIO records, requiring 56 261 pages to be examined
  • reviewed and redeveloped ASIO’s employment relations framework
  • implemented the ASIO Professional Conduct and Behaviour Strategy and reviewed the Organisation’s Values and Code of Conduct to ensure ASIO maintains a professional, ethical and high-performing workforce.
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