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2014 ANU last lecture: can we live without Classics?

4 Nov 2014

In this video ANU classics expert Dr Ioannis Ziogas delivers the 2014 Last Lecture.

Classics, the study of the ancient Greek and Roman world, deals with the traditional literature of Greece and Rome and the themes of history, philosophy, and culture.

Dr Ziogas says it makes it a multi-faceted and diverse subject for students to learn, especially since the topic is always on the news and in movies.

“It actually covers a lot of motifs that are appealing to this young age group – the coming of age, the challenges within families, discovering yourself – all these lie at the heart of Greek myth and all these issues appeal to the young students.”

The Last Lecture is an initiative supported by the Dean of Students, the ANU Students' Association (ANUSA) and the Postgraduate and Research Students' Association (PARSA). Around 1,200 students voted in the Last Lecture process. They chose from 100 lecturers who made it through to final nominations.


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