Steve Bracks


Steve Bracks was elected the 44th Premier of Victoria in 1999 and was one of the state’s longest serving premiers.

Subsequent to his retirement as premier, Steve Bracks now holds three major honorary positions - as an Adviser to the Prime Minister of Timor-Leste; and, as a Director of the Bionics Institute of Australia Board. He is also Honorary Chair of The Union Education Foundation.

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Discussion paper

Paper prepared for the Balance Victoria online initiative
14 Aug 2018

In this inaugural discussion paper, former Victorian Premier, Steve Bracks, and former Victorian Deputy Premier, Pat McNamara, discuss the four policy pillars of a future population decentralisation agenda for Victoria.

Audio interview

12 Nov 2014

It has been fifteen years since Indonesia relinquished control of East Timor and the Australian-led intervention supported the successful quest for self-determination. Following the independence ballot, in 2002 Timor-Leste emerged as the first sovereign nation state of the twenty-first century.

Since then, the relationship...

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