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Where is OurSpace on Digital Television?

5 Sep 2006

Think very carefully before you purchase a digital free-to-air television set or box. Depending on where you live, you might lose an entire channel warns Ellie Rennie. This may come as a surprise. It is unlikely that you will have read about it in the news or seen a warning sticker on a set-top-box. We were told that digital television would offer more television, not less. Analogue community television is watched by over 3 million Australians in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Lismore and Mt Gambier. These stations (generally located on Channel 31) have not been allowed to broadcast digitally. To do so, they would need to be allocated extra spectrum (another channel) and funds to meet the transmission costs. As more households purchase digital television receivers, the community television audience will continue to diminish. At some point, program-makers will pack away their video cameras and sponsors will close their cheque books. Without digital simulcast, community television will not last long.

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