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NICTA comments on the Draft NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan

26 Apr 2012

This document is NICTA's submission on the Draft NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan. It outlines areas where ICT may help meet NSW transport needs and where NICTA could contribute its technological expertise to fulfilling this vision.


NICTA, as Australia’s largest ICT research organisation, and headquartered in NSW, is vitally interested in the development and application of ICT for the benefit of the people of NSW. By applying appropriate technology NSW can build a data-driven, connected, and aware transport system with informed travellers which will be safer, more efficient and more able to sustainably manage increasing demand. NICTA’s Infrastructure, Transport and Logistics group is focussed specifically on how technology and underpinning research can help NSW realise this future.

NICTA has considerable research expertise and practical experience in transport. Over the last six years, NICTA has worked extensively with both Federal and NSW government agencies and with NSW RMS (formerly NSW RTA). Our technology and research has been deployed in joint projects including video traffic detection, roundabout metering and signal control, over-height vehicle detection, structural health monitoring for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and, in conjunction with the NSW Transport Management Centre, incident management.

NICTA has developed and deployed world-leading logistics tools which could potentially improve fleet efficiency by 10% over state-of-the-art and could add $1 billion to NSW GSP over the next decade. We established the world’s first Future Logistics Living Laboratory here in NSW working with Australia’s most important freight stakeholders. NICTA is also exploring optimisation of Port Botany, future Air Traffic Management and is in discussion with CSIRO on a pilot project to quantify the benefits of smart transport technology on liveability in Western Sydney.

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