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How industry self-regulation is failing to protect our children from unhealthy food marketing
24 Jul 2018

This report analyses how the current regulatory system fails in the objective to protect children from the marketing of unhealthy food and what needs to be done to improve the way the system works.

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13 Apr 2016

This paper aims to estimate the consequences of an additional 20% tax on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) on health and health care expenditure. Participants were adult (aged > = 20) Australians alive in 2010, who were modelled over their remaining lifetime. We used lifetable-based epidemiological modelling...


20 Nov 2014

It's time for a game-changer in how black and white Australians relate.

The difficulties we have in coming together—to talk, to work, to lead change—are core to our challenge to reconcile, as a country. But if we want to shift the status quo,...

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