National ICT Australia submission to the inquiry into the role and potential of the National Broadband Network

11 Mar 2011

Executive summary

NICTA welcomes the Parliamentary Committee‟s inquiry into the role and potential of the national broadband network (NBN). A national broadband network has the potential to greatly improve Australia‟s economic, social and environmental performance and make us more competitive in the global economy. NICTA believes that growth in demand for bandwidth will continue to grow as new uses and applications are developed. There are already bandwidth intensive applications such as high-definition two-way video which have not yet penetrated the mass market, due to Australia's current limited broadband capacity, so investing in a fibre-based NBN is necessary.

The NBN provides a value proposition across many aspects of industry.

For example, high-speed broadband will enable:

  • Very high-quality video communications so that emergency or specialist medical diagnoses can be ade quickly and accurately and without the patient having to travel
  • "Rich media" like x-rays and complex medical imaging files, detailed graphics, video and photographic stills to be created and sent anywhere
  • Elderly people to stay in their own homes for longer, as they will be able to be monitored and treated via the NBN, and keep in close and constant contact with their friends and families.
  • Small businesses to run at lower costs and expenses on software due to the ability to store and access data from the "cloud" through cloud computing
  • Government and businesses in general to more effectively communicate with their customers and provide a better, more convenient quality of service
  • A higher value electronic market for goods, services and innovation. Online retail is one example of the many things to come in this space


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