Discrimination: the good, the bad, the ugly

Disability Artists Discrimination Australia

This exhibition came about because we all have a story about discrimination, and we wanted you to tell us yours in creative form.

We have a very diverse range of works in the exhibition, including videos, a radio play, songs, paintings and more. Everything has been curated by Arts Access Australia, and the final product is a short film that runs for about 20 minutes and is fully accessible with captioning and audio description.

There are 12 artists/groups involved:

Alli Hammett 
Bearbrass Asylum Orchestra 
Benetook Chooks 
Chelle Destefano 
David Paul Jobling
David Rogers
Emily Dash 
Emma Bennison 
Gaelle Mellis
John Flanagan Willianski 
Larissa MacFarlane 
Shots in the Dark Photographers
Zhila Hasanloo

The film was launched at the Arts Activated Conference in Sydney in October 2014. Arts Activated is a conference run by the NSW arts and disability organisation, Accessible Arts. In 2014 Arts Access Australia was the key partner for this conference.

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