Nobody on the winners' desk

The Climate Change Performance Index 2009 shows: Policy must get in gear for the two degrees limit.

Be they located top or bottom, the Climate Change Performance Index 2009, presented by Germanwatch and CAN-Europe, shows that not a single country is to be judged as satisfactory with regard to protecting the climate.

The specific criterion for this judgment is that, compared with 1990, no country is yet on the path that would be necessary to stay within the two degrees limit. The Climate Change Performance Index therefore does not have any winners this year.

Due to the lack of will to engage themselves more strongly to avoid dangerous climate change, none of the countries achieved positions one to three. Position four to ten of this year are made up by Sweden, Germany, France, India, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Denmark.

The other end of the index is to be taken note of as well. Especially Russia, the USA, Canada, and Austria have worrisome results. Crucially, they performed poorly in their current emissions level, emissions trend, and in the evaluation of their climate policy. In future editions of the index, a more positive rating regarding national and international policy could lead to a jump of the USA in the index, if the country really shows the kind of climate leadership announced by president elect Barack Obama.

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