The climate change performance index 2007

13 Nov 2006


Europe is still at the forefront of climate protection although by now also emerging nations such as Mexico, Brazil and India belong to the top flight.

However, it is clearly illustrated that effective climate protection is not exercised yet in large parts of the world including Canada, the U.S.A., Russia and China.

Particularly Canada’s climate policy has more and more deviated from the necessary reduction targets as stated in the UN Convention on Climate Change since government changed in January 2006.

In April 2007 Canada officially abandonded its international commitments under the Kyoto protocol and announced individual and less ambitious emission reductions. It remains to be seen if the protocol’s mechanism of incentives and sanctions will ensure Canada’s compliance to the internationally binding treaty.

The Canadian government was already sued by an environmental organisation which thereby initiated the first lawsuit due to a violation of the Kyoto protocol.


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