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End-of-life care of Aboriginal peoples in remote locations: language issues

Aboriginal Australians Rural and remote communities Ageing Australia

To date, there is scant research literature that explores the provision of end-of-life care to Aboriginal peoples in Australia. In particular, there is a lack of published research available on issues at the interface of Aboriginal languages and English during palliative care. The complexity and importance of the issue for palliative care provision, however, is demonstrated by the fact that in Australia, Aboriginality is itself a very broad category, containing many distinct language groups and subcultures. Thus, although to date there is some mention of the problems associated with language in the literature, there is scant research on the topic of the provision of palliative care to Aboriginal peoples in remote areas. The following findings from a recent two-year National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) study are provided to address this hiatus. The findings provide insights on the impact of language difference on palliative care practice for Aboriginal peoples in the Northern Territory of Australia.

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