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14 Nov 2011

Digital technology gives students access to an extraordinary range of ideas and information and the capacity to instantly shape, and reshape, their work. So is this simply a fantastic tool or is digital technology changing the way we think and learn? Erica McWilliam believes the...

Discussion paper

26 Jun 2008

This paper explores how research in the fields of Social Network Analysis (SNA) and Business can be applied to monitoring the development of student creative capacity.

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26 Jun 2008

Teaching-for-creativity is rarely an explicit objective of the learning and assessment process. In Europe, collaborative research projects have been recently set up to address this lack of acknowledgment or explicitness. Australian universities lag behind in this respect. However, Australian HEIs are now showing increasing commitment...

Discussion paper

19 Jun 2008

This paper draws on Jennifer Pei-ling Tan's ongoing doctoral study of student engagement with new digital media technologies in a formal schooling environment to demonstrate the importance of playfulness as a learning disposition. The study shows that cognitive playfulness mobilises productive engagement with learning innovations...


3 Apr 2008

This article explores the pedagogical significance of recent shifts in scholarly attention away from first generation and towards second generation understandings of creativity. First generation or big ‘C’ creativity locates the creative enterprise as a complex set of behaviours and ideas exhibited by an individual,...

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