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15 Jan 2019

With the shadow boxing continuing, Labor seems likely to inherit the Adani coal mine headache.


30 Nov 2018

The majority of Australians want action on climate change and understand that the economic benefits Adani has long promised are illusory.


22 Feb 2018

A failed experiment in market-led education needs to be buried once and for all, writes John Quiggin.


16 Nov 2017

The controversial proposed Adani Carmichael coalmine commands diverse media headlines, but the untold story is about Indigenous rights and, in particular, the resistance of Wangan and Jagalingou people to the expropriation of their lands.


10 Oct 2017

There needs to be more of a focus on the adverse effects of lower wages for the economy as a whole, argues John Quiggin.

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29 Oct 2010

We need to mobilise a positive alternative to the fear, anger and tribalism on offer from the right, argues John Quiggin.


12 Oct 2010

Have we finally got it right, asks John Quiggin.

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8 Aug 2010

IT’S OFTEN said that a country gets the government, and the media, it deserves. Looking at the current election offerings of the major parties, and the coverage presented by the media, it’s hard to see what we could have done to deserve this. The parties...


3 Jun 2010

I’M WORKING on a longish piece on how to pay for the global financial crisis, and it seems like a good idea to deal with some side issues separately. One of the standard post-crisis responses of governments, i has been to increase the age at...


31 Mar 2010

Buying water is much more cost-effective, in most cases, than public engineering projects aimed at saving water, argues John Quiggin

THERE'S BEEN a lot happening in water policy lately, and for once, most of the news is good. Most importantly, it’s been raining, a...

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