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24 Nov 2017

This article seeks to analyse and assess regulatory responses to trade union corruption. It attempts to establish the extent of the problem which these new laws are intended to address, and to determine whether they are therefore necessary or, as many critics of the Royal...


27 Oct 2016

The Inquiry has recommended that a licensing scheme be set up to regulate labour hire operators. The report also called on the Victorian Government to advocate for a national licensing scheme for labour hire operators, through the Council of Australian Governments.

The Victorian Government...


25 Feb 2013

This report examines the influence of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) - formally Fair Work Australia - through its supervisory role in the enterprise bargaining process, and the consequences of FWC's involvement for the way that employers, employees and unions manage industrial relations at the...

Discussion paper

12 Aug 2009

Based on research carried out by the Workplace and Corporate Law Research Group, this paper examines how the new regulatory institutions created by the Fair Work Act can assist workplace relations parties to develop best practice employment relationships and increase productivity.


Discussion paper

31 Mar 2009

This paper examines the decisive shift away from traditional forms of third party intervention by public dispute resolution agencies in Canada, the US, Ireland and the UK.

It also argues that, given the decline of dispute resolution in the Australian context and the imminent...

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