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23 May 2018

Author and Professor, Clive Hamilton, says Liberal backbencher, Andrew Hastie, was trying to open up what he says is a much needed public discussion of Chinese Influence in Australia.


4 Apr 2018

The author of the controversial Silent Invasion argues it's not the book, but the reaction to it, that has highlighted something troubling in Australian intellectual life.

Audio interview

13 Nov 2017

Publisher Allen & Unwin has dropped a book by a prominent academic on China's expanding 'soft' influence in Australia, due to 'unspecified threats.'

Discussion paper

11 Jun 2010

In Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 film, Dr Strangelove was the unhinged US general who risked nuclear apocalypse by ordering a first strike against the Soviet Union. The character was modelled on Dr Edward Teller, “the father of the hydrogen bomb”. In the 1990s, Teller and his...


7 Jun 2010

At this Sydney Writers' Festival event highlight, 'Have we been conned on climate change? An emergency Town Hall meeting', four leading climate change thinkers address the devastating lack of political leadership on the issue of climate change in Australia.

Environmentalist Tim Flannery...

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