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7 Nov 2016

In 2012 it was estimated that there were more than 300 million Indigenous peoples living across the globe. A 2009 UN report found that Indigenous peoples came from approximately 90 different countries. There is enormous diversity amongst Indigenous and tribal groups who speak more than...


24 Aug 2011

The project examined the corporate support needs of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services, the issues associated with obtaining appropriate support and existing support structures used by these services.

The key research questions were: • what is the nature (scope and characteristics) of the...

Discussion paper

30 Jun 2011

New forms of aid, including “philanthrocapitalism” such as The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, are rapidly altering the international aid architecture for health. These organisations have financial power, actively shape agendas and influence policy.

The rise of non‐traditional donor organisations creates opportunities and has...


23 Nov 2009

In Inside Story, Ian Anderson reviews Peter Sutton’s unsettling account of Indigenous policy, The Politics of Suffering

AN INTERVIEW with Peter Sutton published in the Age in July began with the tag line, “Driven into action by loss, the linguist and anthropologist wants...

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