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23 Oct 2017

The Mobilong prison radio pilot was an action research community project that involved a series of radio production workshops with a group of prisoners, and culminated in a CD to be used to assist new prisoners through their induction at the prison.

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14 Mar 2017

Incarceration rates are increasing almost everywhere and, while women and girls make up only a small percentage of the overall prison population, there has been a significant increase in their representation – especially over the past 20 years (Carlton and Segrave, 2013). Despite the fact...

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9 Jan 2017

The divergent and complex nature of the Australian community broadcasting sector complicates any attempt to measure its social impact, as does the general lack of consensus within academic debates on how best to measure, record, and demonstrate the sector’s long-term effects (Jallov 2005). This article...

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15 Dec 2016

The issue of climate change has been a major focus of reporting in the Western media for some years, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been at the centre of much of this coverage. But while reportage of the most recent report...


15 Jun 2016

United We Read is an early intervention program in the disadvantaged suburbs of Elizabeth Park and Elizabeth Downs (Adelaide) that aims to build foundation literacy skills in children aged from birth to 5 years, run by United Way South Australia. The program involves a monthly...

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