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Bryan Mercurio is a Professor and Vice-Chancellor’s Outstanding Fellow of the Faculty of Law at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is a specialist in international economic law, with particular expertise in World Trade Organization (WTO) law, free trade agreements and the intersection between international trade and intellectual property law. He has also worked both in government and in private practice and continues to advise law firms, international organizations, NGOs and several governments on a wide range of international trade and investment matters.
Prior to relocating to Hong Kong in 2007, he spent five years at the University of New South Wales, where he was Director of the International Trade and Development Project at the Gilbert+Tobin Centre of Public Law. He was a Member of the Founding Committee and inaugural Executive Board of the Society of International Economic Law, and remains a founding member of the Asian International Economic Law Network and a Member of the Asian WTO Research Network.

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15 Oct 2014

Is Australia enhancing its economic and geo-political interests by negotiating free trade agreements (FTAs) or is it simply mindlessly engaging in world trade policy? While many commentators believe the latter to be true, Australia’s approach is more thoughtful and calculating than it is given credit...


20 Jun 2005

Bryan Mercurio details, evaluates and critically analyses the eight provisions relating to health services and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme in the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement. He argues that while the agreement may result in uncertainty and discontent among some in the Australian academic and health...



1 Jun 2005

A commitment to openness would affirm democratic values and principles, write Rebecca LaForgia and Bryan Mercurio

AUSTRALIA and China began the first round of historic free trade agreement (FTA) talks earlier this week. Trade between the two nations has quadrupled in the past decade...


2 Feb 2005

It is often assumed that elections in nations with long-standing democratic processes, such as Australia, Canada, Britain and the US, are 'free and fair'. Bryan Mercurio and George Williams examine whether the Australian electoral system fits this description, with the primary focus on the federal...


27 Aug 2004

While the recent WTO agreement allowing developing countries to import life-saving drugs by bypassing patent laws is beneficial, a majority of the drugs used to combat epidemics are off-patent or not patented in many developing countries. Consequently, according to Bryan Mercurio, the agreement will do...

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