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Mortgaging the future flows of the Barwon-Darling/Barka River
15 Mar 2019

Drought, the Menindee fish kills and the South Australian Royal Commission have put the Murray Darling firmly in the public spotlight. The management of the northern Basin and the role of the cotton industry are central to ongoing policy debate.

Briefing paper

13 Mar 2019

This report argues that a coal project proposed near Kingaroy, Queensland, is unlikely to provide benefit in a local economy based on services and agriculture. It imposes uncertainty and costs on other industries and the community. Policy makers should rule the project out on economic...

Discussion paper

19 Jan 2019

This research by the Australia Institute suggests that the Darling River fish kill was due to the mismanagement of the Menindee Lakes in southwest New South Wales.


3 Jan 2019

This research shows the Senate crossbench safeguarded $23.4 billion worth of investment in renewable energy from 2013–2018, when it prevented the Coalition Government from abolishing three renewable energy policies (the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, ARENA and the Renewable Energy Target).

Discussion paper

21 Dec 2018

An audit written by Ernst and Young (EY) found the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder, and the near $3.2 billion worth of water it controls, was at risk of being defrauded by state agencies, individual officers within those agencies and private landholders. The Australia Institute has...

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