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1 Nov 2003

We are so used to seeing children and infants play that we tend to overlook its importance. How often do we hear the phrase 'it’s child’s play'? Any busy active baby demonstrates that it is anything but simple and straightforward. Play is the child’s daily...


1 Sep 1995

This publication looks at irritable infants and gastro-oesophageal reflux in infants.

The cry of an infant is designed to stimulate a nurturing response in caregivers; babies come equipped with a cry that is a powerful means of communication. But how do parents learn to...


1 Dec 1994

The 'terrible twos' are never more determined than when it comes to mealtimes. This health, thriving ball of energy is suddenly eating nothing, and parents are perplexed about their source of energy. Meal times become a nightmare and food a battleground. How do we help...


1 Jun 1993

Vitamin K has been routinely given to newborn infants in Australia for several decades. It has been administered soon after birth to prevent Haemorraghic Disease of the Newborn (HDN), a rare but potentially fatal bleeding disorder which may present in the first few months of...


1 Mar 1992

Deafness is often described as a 'hidden handicap'. Even children who are profoundly deaf may not be diagnosed until the second year of life, or later. By this stage, children have already "missed out" on the early sound input so necessary for their normal speech...

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