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19 Jan 2019

These guidelines are intended to raise awareness of the risks of hot weather to health, and to encourage and support the development of Heat Health Plans.


Evaluation report
22 Nov 2018

Smoking is the single leading preventable cause of early death in New Zealand and Māori smoking is significantly higher than smoking in the general population. To address the problem the Ministry is taking a closer look at how to address the problem of smoking among...


30 Oct 2018

The plan has been designed to demonstrate that New Zealanders will have access to strongly and strategically provided public health services which are well funded by the government and that will deliver high-quality health outcomes.

Discussion paper

20 Aug 2018

This document seeks comment on the proposed future direction and content of the Ministry of Health’s Strategy to Prevent and Minimise Gambling Harm 2019/20 to 2021/22.


8 Aug 2018

This review of the National Bowel Screening Programme says the roll-out is progressing well and the Ministry of Health continues to improve its processes to support this. The panel does make a number of wide-ranging recommendations to support continued improvement.

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