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7 Jun 2018

This report discusses the detrimental impacts of the changes on consumers, particularly those in regional Australia. The report also considers the appropriateness of communications that Bupa provided to policyholders about the changes.


Report on the National Disability Insurance Agency's handling of reviews
15 May 2018

This report is based on information extracted from complaint investigations, stakeholder feedback, briefings provided by the NDIA, and the legislation, policy and procedural guidance relevant to the administration of reviews under the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013.


24 Mar 2017

Summary: The information used in the report in order to compare health funds is based on data collected for regulatory purposes. This information is the most appropriate, independent and reliable data available.

The report is intended to help you to decide which health...


6 Jan 2015

This investigation into the approval process for pharmaceuticals produced findings with broader lessons for Commonwealth agencies about the importance of proper program design, sharing information necessary to ensure proper outcomes and about service recovery arrangements when things go wrong.


7 Jun 2012

Income management (IM) has applied in the Northern Territory (NT) since 2007. IM is designed to ensure that income support payments are used to pay for necessary goods and services rather than discretionary items and activities. Initially targeting Indigenous Australians living in remote and very...

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