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22 Apr 2016

Simulated gambling games mimic the characteristics of gambling games but do not provide an opportunity to stake, win or lose real-world money.

People who play simulated gambling games are more likely to gamble commercially and report gambling problems.

The convergence of gambling and...

Technical report

30 Jun 2015

Effective frameworks for communication can bridge gaps between research, clinical practice, and policy. The gambling sector in Australia comprises a number of stakeholder groups with diverse interests, objectives, and professional skills and resources. The diversity of the sector can present challenges in developing communication strategies...


19 Feb 2015

This paper on gambling research priorities is intended to assist researchers and policy makers to develop research focused on improving the short- and long-term health and wellbeing of Australians who gamble and who are affected by gambling.


The Australian Gambling Research...

Journal article

30 Mar 2011

Geographic closeness of gambling venues is not the only aspect of accessibility likely to affect gambling frequency. Perceived accessibility of gambling venues may include other features such as convenience (e.g., opening hours) or “atmosphere”. The aim of the current study was to develop a multidimensional...

Journal article

15 Feb 2011

Accessibility to gambling has been linked to gambling behaviour but remains poorly understood. This study used data from semi-structured focus groups and interviews with 38 participants (Median age 42 years) to explore wider aspects of accessibility. People preferred venues which were open long hours and...

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