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10 Apr 2019

This report covers the judicial use of the death penalty for the period January to December 2018. Amnesty International reports only on executions, death sentences and other aspects of the use of the death penalty, such as commutations and exonerations, where there is reasonable confirmation....


Submission to the International Commission of Jurists
8 Apr 2019

In this submission Amnesty International outlines the human rights impact of criminalizing sexuality and reproduction, and provides recommendations regarding developing principles to address the detrimental impact on health, equality and human rights of criminalization with a focus on select conduct in the areas of sexuality,...


21 Mar 2019

Sixteen years ago, Write for Rights was a small venture. Today it’s the world’s biggest human rights event. This report details everything that happened around the world during the 2018 campaign.


21 Feb 2019

An alarming global trend has surfaced in which states are introducing and using laws to interfere with the right to freedom of association and to hamper the work of civil society organizations and individuals who participate in them. This report shows how this phenomenon is...


Digital tourism and Israel's illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories
30 Jan 2019

In this report, Amnesty International documents how online booking companies are driving tourism to illegal Israeli settlements and contributing to their existence and expansion.

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