GALAs 2015: in five. A gala debate on 2020

Social change Australia

This Wheeler centre talk discusses where will we be as a society in five years’ time.


As part of our fifth birthday celebrations, we presented a unique headline debate with two sides, just one team – and nothing less than our future at stake.

The central question: where will we be as a society in five years’ time? Should we feel hopeful, or should we feel despair?

In four minute bursts, our panel of five prominent thinkers each make an informed, impassioned case for optimism – and counter with an equally persuasive case against it.

It's public debate of a kind that bucks binaries, marginalises myopia and penalises pigheadedness. And it’s a conversation with room for complexity, nuance and the grey areas in your grey matter.

Speakers include feminist author Eva Cox, Robogals founder and former Young Australian of the Year Marita Cheng, political journalist and author George Megalogenis, Tasmanian Department of Justice secretary Simon Overland and medical anthropologist Gregory Phillips. Our host is writer and broadcaster Annabel Crabb.


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