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12 Dec 2016

Family violence needs to be understood within broader contexts as both a cause and effect of social disadvantage and intergenerational trauma, poor parenting, and substance misuse. It remains a critical social policy issue, placing a huge burden on communities, especially women and children.



21 Jul 2015

Aim and objectives

This review aims to examine available evidence on cultural competence in health care settings to identify key approaches and strategies that can contribute to improving the development and implementation of Indigenous health services and programs. The objectives are to:...


25 Feb 2015

This resource sheet provides estimates on the prevalence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in the general and Indigenous populations of Australia, and reviews the local and international evidence on the effectiveness of programs that aim to prevent or alleviate this group of disorders.



11 Nov 2014

This resource sheet reviews past and current programs, research and strategies (both government and non-government) for the prevention and treatment of ear disease in Indigenous children.


Ear disease and the associated hearing loss are significant health problems for Indigenous children. Children...


6 Nov 2014

Introduction: The purpose of this paper is to draw on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) perspectives, theoretical understandings, and available evidence to answer questions about what is required to effectively address Indigenous people’s mental health and social and emotional wellbeing.

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