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14 Mar 2019

This report recommends an overarching franchising framework that is fair for all participants and which recognises that, in franchising (just like banking and financial services), disclosure alone is an insufficient regulatory response to power imbalances and exploitative behaviour by powerful corporations.


24 Oct 2018

This inquiry was initiated to examine options for greater involvement by private sector life insurers in worker rehabilitation, including support after return to work, with particular reference to the interaction of Income Protection (IP) insurance and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance with State, Territory,...


27 Mar 2018

The life insurance industry is a significant part of the financial services sector in Australia. It has a noble purpose in providing financial protection to policyholders in times of need and financial distress. Despite this, there are sections of the industry that can and must...


13 Sep 2017

One of this report's main recommendations is the establishment of a Whistleblower Protection Authority that can support whistleblowers, assess and prioritise the treatment of whistleblowing allegations, conduct investigations of reprisals, and oversight the implementation of the whistleblower regime for both the public and private sectors....


19 Dec 2014

The Senate Economics References Committee examined proposals to lift the professional, ethical and education standards in the financial services industry.

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Following a recommendation by the Senate Economics References Committee inquiry into the performance of ASIC, the committee resolved on...

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