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1 Mar 2012

The Lobbying Code of Conduct (the Code) was tabled in the Senate on 13 May 2008 by the then Special Minister of State and Cabinet Secretary, Senator the Hon John Faulkner. In addition, the Minister announced the establishment of the Register of Lobbyists (the Register)....


22 Sep 2011

This report examines the Government Advertising (Accountability) Bill 2011, introduced by Senator Xenaphon.

The Government Advertising (Accountability) Bill 2011 (the bill) was introduced into the Senate by Senator Xenophon on 21 June 2011. On 7 July 2011, the Senate, on the recommendation of the...


8 Jul 2010

This brief report outlines the case against the then Rudd Government's use of taxpayers money for the tax reform advertising campaign to combat the Australian mining companies' campaign against the proposed super profits tax.

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5 May 2010

There are legitimate concerns about the impact of the current native vegetation laws upon a small group of Australians, namely landholders in rural and regional Australia, according to this report.

The report concludes that is unreasonable that the burden of broad environmental objectives is...


4 Feb 2010

This report looks at public interest claims made by government in response to orders of the Senate or of Senate committees for the production of information and documents.

It recommends against the Senate adopting the process of independent arbitration over public interest immunity claims...

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