This report presents an analysis of data for research publications dated between 2011–2013 which have been captured in the IDP Database of Research on International Education. The data is presented in the following breakdowns: keywords/topics of research; country focus; regional focus; publication type; and research methods. Analysis focuses on both aggregate data (all years combined) and year-on-year trends, where they have been discerned. This report therefore provides a range of insights into the state of international education research over the last three years. This analysis was prepared by the International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) for its International Education Research Network (IERN).

The IDP Database of Research on International Education (IDP-DRIE) is managed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and contains details of more than 13,300 books, articles, conference papers and reports on various aspects of international education from Australia and abroad. The database houses records from 1990 onwards and has become recognised as a key resource for researchers, governments and international education practitioners around the world.

Based on frequency of keywords and phrases in IDP-DRIE, the predominant focus of international education research over the last three years centred on higher and post-secondary education. While much of this research focused on students and their experiences and attitudes, a significant proportion looked at educational policy and the broader concepts of internationalisation and globalisation. International education research focused on a wide range of countries/regions around the world, although over half of this research related to English-speaking countries. Analysis of year-on-year trends for countries/regions with greater than 100 records in total pointed to an increasing focus on the USA and the UK, with a drop for Australia. Research focused on China, Europe and Canada remained generally flat. In terms of publication types, 80.8% of all international education research was found to be published in journal articles, book chapters or research reports. Analysis showed research in international education was undertaken in both qualitative and quantitative paradigms, with a preference for qualitative research methods, with one fifth of all research involves case studies, whilst 17.6% involved interviews.

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