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26 Apr 2018

Negotiating guilty pleas (‘plea bargaining’) is a central element of criminal justice processes in Australia, yet little is known outside the legal community about the frequency and outcomes of plea negotiations.

This study addresses this important knowledge gap through qualitative and quantitative analysis of...


6 Nov 2009

First published in February 2008, the research paper was written in response to the abolition of provocation as a partial defence to murder following the Victorian Law Reform Commission's review of defences to homicide.

The Commission recommended that, rather than raising a partial defence...


12 Mar 2008

This paper is intended as an examination of some of the sentencing policy issues and principles raised by the abolition of the partial defence of provocation in light of the VLRC Homicide Report. Although the authors' main focus is on considering provocation in sentencing offenders...


16 Apr 2003

The current system for imposition and collection of fines in Australia is significantly flawed. Fines are often inappropriately imposed/not imposed, inequitable, have high default rates and are expensive to enforce. This paper suggests an alternative scheme for the enforcement and collection of fines, a Fine...

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