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15 Aug 2018

Despite the historic inaccuracy of electricity demand and price forecasting, even in the absence of significant policy change, once again economic modelling is being used to make forecasts about the impact of changes in energy policy on the long run price of electricity in Australia....


22 Aug 2017

The citizenship debacle engulfing the Nationals, and in turn the Coalition government, has as much to do with trust and integrity as it does with the constitution. Being consistent is important in business and in government.


27 Mar 2017


Research from the Australia institute has calculated the impact of the recent Fair Work Commission decision to cut penalty rates on the Commonwealth Budget.

The paper from Richard Denniss, Chief Economist at The Australia Institute, found reduced income tax collection from...


16 Sep 2016

As the world works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it will need to burn less coal. As a result, the world will need less coal mines. In the lead up to the Paris climate talks in December 2015, President Anote Tong of Kiribati and other...


23 Jun 2016

New research shows a rising number of the Australian adult population are not enrolled, not casting a vote or voting informally.

Combined with the sinking major party vote, nearly 40% of Australian adults did not vote for either party able to form government in...

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