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Discussion paper

4 Mar 2016

This paper calls for a code of conduct for economic modelling. A code would require key assumptions to be revealed, context and comparison to be provided, and the identification of who, if anyone, commissioned the work. Modelling results are being used to make important policy...


2 Dec 2015

Outlines a solution to the twin problems of incentives for retirement of coal fired generation and funding rehabilitation liabilities.

Summary The cost to rehabilitate sites used for coal mines and coal fired power stations are large, lack transparency and are under provided for...


18 Oct 2015

This report examines the potential economic harm that major expansion and construction of new coal mines can cause, including:

Lower coal prices associated increased supply and associated reductions in royalty and corporate tax payments Decline in the terms of trade Job losses in existing...



5 Jul 2015

In light of the 2015 Budget, Richard Denniss dissects the Coalition's economic management.

"A year ago, the Coalition government said we were “living beyond our means” and faced a “budget emergency” that, if not addressed, would lead us “into the eye of an economic...

Briefing paper

15 May 2015


The Renewable Energy Target (RET) requires electricity retailers to purchase a specified amount of renewable energy (the target) from certified generators of renewable energy. Certified renewable energy generators, such as wind and solar farms, are issued with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for...

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