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20 Jul 2015

Overview: This report to the Mitchell Institute presents the outcomes of modelling the potential costs of an income contingent loan (ICL) that would form a core element of a tertiary education entitlement, as proposed in the February 2015 Mitchell Institute paper Financing tertiary education...


9 Aug 2013

We were commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) to undertake a strategic evaluation of the New Zealand Aid Programme’s support for Pacific fisheries. The purpose of the evaluation was to provide:

• A retrospective evaluation of the New...

Working paper

30 Jan 2013

HECS is an income contingent loan designed to collect tuition from Australian university students. The debt is collected on the basis of recorded incomes and as a consequence, debtors living overseas will not repay. Using various data sources and assumptions, multiple scenarios are considered in...

Working paper

30 Sep 2011

This paper examines an innovative proposal in the form of mortgage contingent loans which could minimise government involvement in protecting beachfront property, and therefore the risk to taxpayers.

Climate projections suggest increased inundation and erosion of beachfront property on the east coast of Australia...


27 Jun 2011

This paper argues that the alleged jobs losses aspect of the climate change policy debate is not in any sense important to the overall discourse.

It is commonplace in Australian policy debate for groups presumed to be adversely affected by proposed policies to provide...

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