Presents a detailed regional profile of the City of Brimbank, covering a range of health, education and other social and demographic characteristics.


This atlas, prepared by the Public Health Information Development Unit at The University of Adelaide for the Mitchell Institute, provides a range of information for decision-makers, planners, service providers, researchers and communities.

It is hoped its production will bring a better understanding of the complex interactions between individuals and families, their environments and social structures over a lifetime, and how these factors influence the health, education and ultimately, the flourishing of current and future generations of Brimbank residents.

In order to do this, a number of indicators have been chosen to describe different aspects of the population, and, by using them, to highlight differences, especially in health and education outcomes, across the community. The indicators have also been selected to cover the lifespan and offers a perspective on understanding inequalities across life and tracing outcomes at one stage of life, to the accumulation of experiences which occurred at earlier stages.

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