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3 Apr 2019

This report reflects the outcomes of the inquiry into Canberra’s national institutions, which examined their strategic value, their engagement with the Australian people, and their governance and resourcing challenges.


Commonwealth and Parliamentary approvals for the proposed Stage 2 of the Australian Capital Territory light rail project
22 Oct 2018

The Light Rail Stage 2 project passes through and adjacent to a number of key cultural and heritage sites and, like all projects and proposals in these areas, must be consistent with the legal requirements imposed by the National Capital Plan. The committee is concerned...


18 Jun 2018

This report’s recommendations provide the Australian government with an opportunity to strengthen its work with respect to Antarctica and build on already impressive foundations.


20 Oct 2014

Examines the prospects for economic development in the wake of a marked decline in tourist visitors, a serious budget deficit, and ongoing financial management concerns.


An Inquiry into the economic development of Norfolk Island with particular reference to:

- redressing...


24 May 2010

This report highlights the economic challenges associated with diversifying and developing sustainable economies in the Indian Ocean Territories with a focus on facilitating business development and service delivery in five main areas.

These areas are tourism, information communication technology, transport, housing and environmental management....

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