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Policy report

Future productivity
18 Dec 2018

Future Productivity is the third edition of Industry Insights. Future Productivity looks at Australia’s productivity performance and how digital technologies and management capability may affect productivity in the years ahead.


6 Dec 2017

This report examines Australian high-growth firms (HGFs) and their relationship to innovation. HGFs are defined as firms that experience rapid growth over a three year period, measured in terms of turnover, employment and research and development expenditure.


1 May 2017

Based on the final project reports provided by grant recipients, there is clear evidence the programme assisted local councils and community groups to increase their energy efficiency. While the current Australian Government does not plan to introduce an emissions trading scheme (ETS), these projects are...

Technical report

20 Jan 2017

Energy costs’ impact on industrial competitiveness is not well known in Australia. This paper investigates this question empirically by undertaking a two-part analysis.


10 May 2015

The Industry Monitor has been developed to provide high-level macroeconomic data and a general overview of Australian industry in these key areas. International comparisons are made with selected economies at similar stages of development to Australia in order to provide some broader context and benchmark...

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