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28 Feb 2019

This plan delivers five key recommendations to better balance Australia's population growth – taking pressure off capital cities and presenting great benefits to the rest of the country.

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10 Dec 2018

Greater migrant business ownership in regional Australia is desirable as they contribute to the vibrancy of the region and often have a strong desire to ‘give back’ to their communities.

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10 Dec 2018

This report directly addresses the biggest change to Australian regional policy in decades – the introduction of collaborative approaches and ideas of long-term regional deals.

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10 Dec 2018

Decades of reform to service delivery across Australia has introduced a diversity of publicly and privately provided services, aimed at improving both access and quality. But the gaps between regions and metropolitan areas on many measures of service provision and socio-economic outcomes are persisting. The...

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30 Sep 2018

Governments spend vast amounts of money delivering services to citizens. Through procurement, governments invest in infrastructure and ensure the supply of essential services. In 2017, it was estimated that the New Zealand and Australian public procurement markets had a combined value of $160 billion. While...

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